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What is 'factor 4'?

TOP > Environmental Activities > 'factor 4 > What is 'factor 4'?

factor 4 Doubling the prosperity of molding plans while cutting waste in half

What is 'factor 4' ? Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use

'factor 4' refers to the ideology of doubling wealth and halving resource use to increase the productivity of use of resources (the merits and service that a particular amount of resource can produce) by 4 times. Amory B. Lovins and others officially proposed this ideology in the Club of Rome in 1995.

According to the Club of Rome's 'The First Global Revolution' in 1992, global poverty and anxiety of global politics cannot be overcome if global wealth is not doubled. On the hand, according to 'The Limits To Growth' in 1972, if use of natural resources is not brought down by halve, the balance of ecology cannot be recovered and the survival of human in the long run cannot be guaranteed.
Amory B. Lovins and others then proposed a report called 'factor 4' which suggest on the followings.

In order for global poverty to be overcome and the balance between wealth and environment to be maintained, resource productivity has to be increased by at least 4 times (factor 4). Upon increasing resource productivity by 4 times, balance between wealth of humans in the long run and the environment can be maintained. The increasing of resource productivity by 4 times is already possible in many fields by technology improvements and brings many economic benefits.

In the report, 50 actual examples of 'factor 4' were explained, proving that 'factor 4' can be achieved and has great economic value.