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How have we been wasting our resources?

TOP > Environmental Activities > 'factor 4 > How have we been wasting our resources?

factor 4 Doubling the prosperity of molding plans while cutting waste in half

How have we been wasting our resources? 99% of resources used are being wasted

The fact that resource productivity level can be increased by 4 times suggests that our current resource productivity level is very low and that more than 75% of resources are being wasted.

Many would doubt the reality of such a fact.

I would like to take automobile, which has dramatically changed the lives of people as an example.

In a scenario that 100 liters of gasoline is used to carry one person by car, 80% (80 liters) of energy released by gasoline becomes exhaust heat and gas. Thus, only 20% (20 liters) of the energy was used to drive the wheels. Human weight takes up about 5% of the total weight of the car. Hence, only 95% (19 liters) of the energy used to drive the wheels is actually used to move the vehicle itself. Therefore, actual energy used to carry the driver is merely 5% of 20 liters, in other words, only 1 liter.

Even the automobile, which is suppose to be the highest and latest technology wastes 99 liters of the 100 liters used. If 99 liters of wastage can be reduced to 96 liters (which is still very unproductive), resource productivity can be increased by 4 times.

In a nutshell, we have been wasting resources usage in many other ways and are often not aware of it.