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Cylinder jacket

TOP > factor 4 solutions > 1. Getting Rid of Wasted Energy > Cylinder jacket

Measures to the heat dissipation of the cylinder!

Cylinder jacket

It is easy desorption cover for the cylinder of the molding machine.
Not only protect workers, it reduce the energy consumption of the cylinder heater. Because amount of exhaust heat to the installation environment is reduced, it can suppressed the increase in temperature. It can also help you reduce indirectly the power consumption of air-conditioning equipment (cooling).

◆ feature

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Energy saving heater in the cylinder
  • Energy saving of air-conditioner (cooling) in the room
  • Preventing variation of molding temperature by due to the effect of the wind and external temperature change day and night, seasonal
  • Prevention to the risk of burns
  • Improvement of the working environment temperature
 * Please contact your Matsui Dealer to confirm availability.