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TOP > factor 4 solutions > 10. Higher Dimentional Precision


 10. Higher Dimensional Precision

10-1. Troubled with un-uniform deformation after molding?

Dimension precision improves with uniform cooling by tertiary main cooling water pipe!
⇒ Rapid Prototype Mold [ Rapid Prototype Mold / OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd. ]

10-2. Are you concerned with dimension precision?

Increase precision by minuteness foam molding!
⇒ Micro Cellular Foam Injection Molding Technology (MuCell®) [ MuCell SCF / TREXEL Japan Co.,Ltd. ]

10-3. Can do multi-zone temperature control for increase dimension precision.

Step loads and plural mount is high-precision with Max145℃±0.1-0.3℃.
⇒ High-Performance Small Mold Temperature Controller [ MCM ]

10-4. Need precise molding at high temperature but do not like oil-type?

High-precision, stable temperature control to 160℃ is possible with water!
⇒ Mold Temperature Controller [ MCHH ]

10-5. Want to reduce residual stress after molding?

Use a low-priced anneal oven!
⇒ Box-Type Dryer (Anneal oven) [ PO ]

solution sheet↓You can download this sheet (pdf).

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