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factor 4 solutions

TOP > factor 4 solutions > Value added UP / 12. Enhance surface quality and value

Value added UP


Enhance surface quality and value

Solution Item image
12-1. Eliminate weld lines.
Increase surface quality & texture transfer !
PDF icon Heat&Cool System (with pressurized hot water)
Solution Item image
12-2. Realized one notch above on the surface finish.
PP compatible, and eliminates the need for mold draft angle!
PDF icon Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM®) (Steam)
Solution Item image
12-3. Heat & Cool molding with the use of oil is designed for weldless molding requiring for higher temperature! Can be used for metallic molding as well.
PDF icon Heat&Cool System (with oil medium)
Solution Item image
12-4. Eliminate weld lines more easily.
Improve texture transfer and finish quality!
PDF icon Heat&Cool System (Induction Heating)