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factor 4 solutions

TOP > factor 4 solutions > Resource consumption CUT / 2. Eliminate wasted resin

Resource consumption CUT


Eliminate wasted resin

Solution Item image
2-1. Are you constantly wasting left-over materials remained in the blender during work changes?
Reduce 99% of this material waste with Matsui’s intelligent blending system!
PDF icon Gravimetric Addition-Type Blender
Solution Item image
2-2. Having a problem in improving the recycle rate due to uneven grain size of the grinding stock materials?
Equipped with a dedicated crushing blade, Matsui's Granulator ensures a stable runner cutting process.
PDF icon Low-Speed Granulator for Elastomer Runners
Solution Item image
2-3. Are you accumulating runners molded from expensive resins in your warehouse?
Stop this wasteful practice by recycling these materials
PDF icon Pelletizer for Engineering Plastic
Solution Item image
2-4. Can you trace and verify resin use from raw material to molded product?
Traceability and verification are possible with Matsui's management system!
PDF icon Traceability System
Solution Item image
2-5. Are you wasting a lot of material when changing colors just to prevent color irregularities?
Change colors quickly and efficiently, and with uniform mixing!
PDF icon Static Mixer
Solution Item image
2-6. Isn’t it a waste disposing of resin when changing materials?
High-precision blending and user-friendly material changes helps cut down the amount of expensive master batch used!
PDF icon Desktop Gravimetric Computation in Weight Feeder Blender
Solution Item image
2-7. Are you wasting a lot of material caused by color irregularities when changing colors?
Uniform blending immediately before molding and simple detach- ment mean quick color changeover!
PDF icon Liquid Color Blender
Solution Item image
2-8. Frequently checking the machine because the resin would not be ejected from the dryer hoppers?
We can prevent bridging and achieve smooth material feeding!
PDF icon Soft Material Bridging Proof Mechanism
Solution Item image
2-9. Wasting the purged globs generated each time changing the material?
Those globs can be recycled by rolling out and crushing it!
PDF icon Glob Rolling Machine
Solution Item image
2-10. Are the shredder and granulator taking too much space?
Merge these functions to save on space!
Eliminate the need to transport the shredded materials!
PDF icon Hybrid Shredder / Granulator Machine