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TOP > Products > Blender > JCW2-i

Gravimetric type blender


  • Patented/ patent pending
  • Intelligent type

Matsui's " iplas " function for the next generation
The intelligent controller learns the customer's usage conditions and optimizes operations to minimize material use at all times.
" iplas " is the name for group of intelligent products with Self-Decision Making capability which Matsui developed.Our merchandise with " iplas " makes self-assessment based on the usage of customer and applies most energy efficient mode to it.As this product controls itself by circumstances i.e. Full capacity production, Minimum mode production or temporarily holding of production, customer could save a huge amount of energy and resources comparing to the current products. (Maximum energy saving comparing to the current product could be up to 70 %.)

1. Intelligent mixing
Feed optimization software coupled with completion forecasting signals reduces resin waste by as much as 99% (“Intelligence” function).
• Automatically regulates flow volumes to suit the molding machine’s status, greatly reducing waste with disposal.
• Reduces cleaning time and labor when materials or colors are changed.
2. More compact and space-saving
Roughly half the installation footprint
While ensuring a maximum capacity of 145 kg/h
• Integrated measuring and conveyance units used with horizontal screws help achieve downsizing.
• Using smaller batches improves mixture uniformity and supports small lots.
3. Simple Operation
User-friendly interactive operation.
4. Automatic Operation
This automatically controlled device keeps the blender at its best performance level at all times. Even when there is a change in material, this device automatically detects and alters the measurement conditions to accommodate the new material.
5. Easy Cleaning
Adhering powder can be easily swept down to the bottom of the hopper, from which remaining materials can be completely removed. The hopper and screw can easily be removed, thus making cleaning up easier.

For further details, please download the PDF here.