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Shredding and Granulating Machine Hybrid


s a hybrid type of shredder shredding and granulating to do at once. In the shuledding rotor with a large bosom, and then fed to the shredding blade finish to ensure the thing caught up once. In the slow shredder, and could not be shredded is now available for granulating.

1. Improve Granulating Efficiency

Shredding rotor is excellent in entrainment, you can tuck in without granulating long objects.
You can even things like granulating vessel at low speed granulator granulating did not have a large bosom. Corresponding size L1500mm × W600mm × H230 t = 5mm (approx.)

2. Fewer Miss-Cut

There is no miss-cut long runners to pass through the screen as high-speed grnulator. Friction is small and stable grain size was also less powder.

3. Improve Cleaning

Feeding hopper is wide open, cleaning is easy because you can open the casing milled greater.

4. Low Noise

Rotor shredding impact sound will be smaller for (26.6rpm/60Hz) low-speed rotation. Granulating blade is a low noise for (106rpm/60Hz) rotation speed of the helical blade.

5. High Processing Power

Granulating Capacity (Approximate) 60 ~ 100kg / h

6. Space-Saving

Compact has been realized by a single machine to aggregate shredding and granulating capabilities.

7. Safety

Two to feeding hopper, one tank, one part of the casing milled, to adopt one of the chain cover interlock limit switch, motor breaker was standard equipment for overload protection.

For further details, please download the PDF here.