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TOP > Products > Granulator > SMGL3

Low-Speed Granulator (Easy Cleaning Type)

SMGL3 (G3/G1)

  • plas-aid
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Patented/ patent pending

New type crusher in pursuit of ease of use! Simple cleaning type.
Cost performance pursuit model G1.
High value-added model G3.

1. Easy to clean
The cleaning part is able to slide and be pulled out to be cleaned easily (able to be cleaned right beside the molding machine).
2. The smallest maintenance space
It is possible to use both sides of the guide plate, crashing fixed blade & scraper.
3. The life of the blade lasts twice as long.
Able to be cleaned in the front side.
4. Easy to use
The discharge hose can be connected at any direction by 360 degree.
Suction Box is easy to take down (with lock catch).
5. Aim for the sharpness of the cutter
Use new designed cutters to make the granulating stable and relief the granulating load.

For further details, please download the PDF here.