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TOP > Products > Conformal Cooling & Other > Rapid Prototype Mold

by Conformal Cooling

Rapid Prototype Mold

This is mold insert by Rapid Prototype Mold. The free setting in frame is possible by conformal cooling. Effect are shown on complicated core and deep rib part of round molded parts.

・Large reduction of mold insert delivery date
especially for sophisticated parts.
・With mold error integrated
Solid construction without partition is possible.
・High cycle on molding
Cooling effect improves by free tertiary main cooling water pipe.
・Solution for gas problem
Porous part for gas removal. Easily installed.
Please feel free to ask here about Conformal Cooling Channels.


   ⇒ Risemold Laser Technology (ShangHai) Co., Ltd.



For further details, please download the PDF here.