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TOP > Products > System & Others > Loss inn Feeder

One and two axis type

Loss inn Feeder

●One Axis Type Loss Inn Feeder
Possible to consistently feed powder with bad flowing characteristic and adhesiveness ●Two Axis Type Loss Inn Feeder
Suitable for feeding small amount like powder with little adhesiveness and master batch etc.

● One Axis Type Loss Inn Feeder  
● Two Axis Type Loss Inn Feeder
Automatic feeding is possible by combining powder conveying device (Stellar) to the primary material supply.
Feeding capacity 0.5-0.8L/h
Adopt 2 axis screw.
Adopt agitator with gearing type screw.
Cleaning is easy as it is possible to disassemble without tools.
Feeding capacity 0.3-4.5L/h

For further details, please download the PDF here.