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factor4 tech-studios

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factor 4 tech-studios

studio2 opening & tech-studios Experience Tour 2014

The tech-studios real experience tour was held for two days; February 25th & 26th, 2014. The studio2 opening & tour was a great success, with a full group of attendees. We thank you very much for joining our tour.

The factor 4 tech-studios is open daily Monday through Friday. Please contact your nearest Matsui Sales Office for details.

Experience Tour_picture_1 Experience Tour_picture_2
Experience Tour_picture_3 Experience Tour_picture_4
Experience Tour_picture_5 Experience Tour_picture_6

What is tech-studios?

MATSUI promotes "Achieve 'factor 4' in molding factories by 2020" so we offer products propose solutions to help customers reach this goal.

We have focused on [ Resource Reduction ], [ Increasing Output ] and [ Enhancing Value ], as methods for reaching 4-times current resource productivity. By raising output while reducing the consumption of raw materials, water and energy, factor 4 is truly achievable.

These are the basic tenets of MATSUI's plan.

As a first step towards this goal, we’ve opened the factor 4 tech-studios. As a first step towards this goal, we’ve opened the factor 4 tech-studios offers a next generation interactive experience that will provide be full of discoveries and surprises.

factor 4 tech-studios 鳥瞰図

The factor 4 tech-studios are open at all times.

If you'd like visit please contact Matsui’s nearest Sales office for an appointment.

NOTE: There may be times when the studios are temporarily closed,
             so please contact us in advance.


In studio1, we have prepared a series of problem solving tips. For example, you can see a smart factory production management system on display. This system collects real time factory data and can use this data to better manage plant systems. Energy consumption, resource use and even time are optimized automatically. Demonstrations of this system and other products are provided on a regular basis.

studio1 ツアー風景1 studio1 ツアー風景2
studio1 ツアー風景3 studio1 ツアー風景4
studio1 ツアー風景5 studio1 ツアー風景6
factor1 エリアマップ
You can download the map here... studio1areaMap.pdf (Japanese)


The focus of studio2 is "Improving Surface Quality & Value". Exhibited are methods of Heat & Cool Molding. Heat & Cool Molding produces numerous benefits and processing improvements over conventional injection molding. Since Heat & Cool Molding can be accomplished a few different ways, comparisons between methods are shown. For example, pressurized hot water vs. steam heating of the mold is compared. A demonstration mold is run using steam-Heat & Cool and hot water-Heat & Cool Molding. By molding the same part on the same machine using each method, a clear understanding of benefits and limitations can be seen. Another method on display for higher temperature applications is oil Heat & Cool Molding. Studio2 also exposes hidden losses caused by poor water quality. The buildup of scale and other deposits inside cooling pipes reduces heat transfer and efficiency. A solution to this phenomenon is the hybrid chiller and dry cooler called the 'ecobrid'.

studio2 ツアー風景1 studio2 ツアー風景2
studio2 ツアー風景3 studio2 ツアー風景4
studio2 ツアー風景5 studio2 ツアー風景6
factor2 areamap


studio3examines ways to "Higher Dimensional Precision" and for “Cancelling Problems From Resin Gassing”. To attain these goals, exhibits showing MuCell ® Molding, and Dry-Ice Blast Mold Cleaning are displayed and demonstrated. Also, shown is the pressurized hot water type Heat & Cool Molding with a sample of Conformal Cooling Mold (3D water tube mold with 3D printer) in the back room.

studio3 ツアー風景1 studio3 ツアー風景2
studio3 ツアー風景3 studio3 ツアー風景4
studio3 ツアー風景5 studio3 ツアー風景6
factor3 エリアマップ

studio4 seminar area

In studio4, we will offer two seminars during the opening tour; "Improving dimensional accuracy of automotive parts with MuCell ®." and "Automatic de-burring for rubber, die-cast and plastic products." In the future, we will continue to offer seminars with a schedule yet to be announced.

studio4 ツアー風景1 studio4 ツアー風景2
studio4 ツアー風景3 studio4 ツアー風景4

Access Map

 〒573-1132 2-19, Shodai-Tadika Hirakata-City Osaka
  TEL : 072-851-6118

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1. 15 minutes by bus from 'Kuzuha station' of Keihan Line

 get on bus at "Kuzuha station" 4A stop
  -> Near to the 'Kigyoudanchi-chuou Station' stop.

 ■ Rollsign

  92 枚方カントリー口 (Hirakata Country kuchi)

  93 枚方カントリー (Hirakata Country)

  94 長尾駅 (Nagao Station)

  95 藤坂ハイツ (Fujiwara Heights)

 ■'Kuzuha station' bus stop infomation website


 ■'Kuzuha station' bus schedule


2. 20 minutes by bus from 'Nagao station' of JR Gakuen-toshi Line

 get on bus at "(1) Ekimae-hiroba" bus stop
  -> Near to the 'Kigyoudanchi-chuou Station' stop.

 ■ Rollsign

  22、92、93、94 樟葉駅 (Kuzuha Station)

 ■'Nagao station' bus stop infomation website


 ■'Nagao station' bus schedule