Drying of Plastics Enhances Quality of Molding.
Moisture content in plastics adversely affects the quality of molding. Excessive moisture in resins leads to products with unacceptable sturdiness, silver streaks and holes. Dryers serve to remove moisture from resins to prevent molding of such defective products. At times, the increase of temperature is used to enhance the plasticity during molding.

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Matsui Resin Dryer Products Entire Catalog.
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Dehumidifying Dryer

Product details 「MJ5-i」
Product details 「MJ3」
Product details 「DMD4」


Product details 「DMZ2」

Thermal Conduction Vacuum Dryer

Product details 「DPD3.1」

Thermal Conduction Dryer

Product details 「PMD」

Hot Air Dryer

Box Type Dryer

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