Product nameDehumidifying Dryer (for Optical)DMD4


DMD4 is a dehumidifying dryer and a suction loader that supplies stable dew point dry air for optical molding combined in a single unit. As it is unnecessary to replace the absorbent material, performance is being maintained like that of first usage.


Uses heat-resistance drying filter (0.3μm/99.97%) to clean heated air just before charged into the hopper. Matsui’s original push gate prevents contamination that occurs due to friction of the gate.

2.Removes dust residue

Matsui’s original Aero Power Hopper conveys while removing dust residue using the current of airflow.

3.Easy Maintenance

The need for maintenance of filter is reduced as dust falls due to its own weight in the cyclone separator. The manual butterfly valve allows maintenance to be carried out even during the drying process.


Heater control circuits are equipped with SSR (non-contact relay), which is safer and reduces the need for maintenance.

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