Product nameThermal Conduction Vacuum Dryer (Air purge type)DPD3.1

Environmentally friendly products Patented / patent pending

Dries at a vacuumed and low temperature condition, DPD3.1 prevents yellowing and oxidation of products.
Capable of eliminating gas and minimizing the need for mold maintenance.

1,Air shock function

Some plastic materials are susceptible to bridging and blocking. The air shock function solves such problems.

2,Improved operability in transport control

Some of materials must be adjusted in batch for secondary transport. Conventional machines adjusted it by valve. The DPD3.1 has been developed to enable batch adjustments from a touch panel.

3,Increased energy-savings by improvement to heat insulation

Compared to conventional machines, energy-savings have been increased by improving heat insulation in greater detail so as to prevent heat radiation.

4,Efficient Drying

Thermal conduction fins in the inner hopper is located at both the inner and central wall of the hopper. Sensors are also located at various points to ensure speedy temperature control for efficient drying


Vacuum condition brings down the temperature of evaporation, allowing of drying under lower temperature. Energy consumed is only 1/2 to 1/4 of that used by dehumidifying dryers.

6,Easy Maintenance

Lift of the damper lid allows cleaning to be carried out easily. The interior of the hopper uses anodized aluminum; its smooth surface makes it easy to remove remaining materials.

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