Product nameMold Chiller SystemMCC5-i

Intelligent type

Matsui's " iplas " function for the next generation
First appearance in the industry! It is equipped with an inverter and has realized energy-savings.
" iplas " is the name for group of intelligent products with Self-Decision Making capability which Matsui developed. Our merchandise with " iplas " makes self-assessment based on the usage of customer and applies most energy efficient mode to it. As this product controls itself by circumstances i.e. Full capacity production, Minimum mode production or temporarily holding of production, customer could save a huge amount of energy and resources comparing to the current products. (Maximum energy saving comparing to the current product could be up to 70 %.)

1. Energy Saving 57% energy-savings (Varies according to model)

The employment of compressor inverter control has realized energy-savings in low loading. In addition, the adoption of an electronic expansion valve has made it possible to exert the maximum cooling capacity in every operating condition, and realized energy-savings even in 100% loading.

2. “Visual image of energy-savings”

Energy saving indicator

3. The medium working temperature range has been expanded

Expanded applicable temperature range to 5-35℃

4. MATSUI’s unique hot-gas bypass control

The machine is controlled by an inverter at and above 30Hz and, when the machine is used with a frequency lower than that, either energy-saving operation or high-accuracy operation can be selected.

5. Stable performance

Condenser is a double tube type.
For this reason, durability is improving to the foul cooling water.

6. Multi-functions

External communication function, external starting, the alarm output, and the warning buzzer were also made standard equipment.

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