Product nameLow-Speed GranulatorSMGL

plas-aid Patented / patent pending

SMGL is the standard for the low-speed granulators. The non-screen construction reduces the formation of powder and miss-cut thereby giving the end product a uniformed grain size.

1.Low Price

A cost efficient standard model.


●Reducing shaft stress, double bearing eliminates difficult adjustment, extends lifespan of bearing and makes the exchange of blades and bearing easier. (Pending patent)
●The use of anti-vibration torque arm extends the lifespan of bearing and reduction gear (by 1.5 to 2 times as compared to previous models). (Patent No.3972049)

3.Easy Maintenance

●Sight glass has been included as a regular feature for supervision of granulation.
●Dust wiper prevents fine granulated materials from getting into the bearing. Air purge can also be used manually.

4.Safe and Environmental Friendly

●2 limit switches are located at the opening and closing part of feeding hopper
●Motor breaker prevents excessive load.
●Sound proof steel used for feeding hopper reduces noise pollution.

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