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We aim for achieving goal for 'factor 4' in molding factories. Therefore, We introduce each 10 themes of the solution which are able to download data of leaflet. (pdf)
    ▼ Reducing the Resource Use     ▼ Increasing the Output

 1.  Getting Rid of Wasted Energy

 2.  Getting Rid of Material Waste


 6.  Eliminating Contamination

 7.  Solving Water Quality Issues

    ▼ Increasing the Output     ▼ Enhancing the Value

 3.  Lowering Cycle Times

 4.  Shortening Set Up Times

 5.  Cancelling Problems with Gas


 8.  Improvement of Surface Quality & Value

 9.  Lightening Part Weights

10. Higher Dimensional Precision

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  • Dryer	The materials are dried to the ideal moisture level and temperature for molding.
  • Conveyor The materials are transported between machines.
  • Temperature Controller	The molds are adjusted to the ideal temperature.
  • Blender	Multiple materials are measured and mixed in ideal proportions.
  • Granulator Defective goods and sprue runners are pulverized to make new materials.
  • System&Others We supply	system proposals that address customers' issues and requirements.
  • Pet preforms	Energy saving and reliability
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