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20.The Conclusion

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20.The Conclusion

The President's Green Column

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20.The Conclusion

I would like to conclude this column in my 20th entry.

We are troubled by many different environmental problems. Judging by the scale of damage (number of people affected X duration of damage), 'Insufficiency of Resources, Water and Food', 'Rapid Global Warming' and 'Usage & Disposal of Radioactive Products' can be considered as the 3 biggest issues.

In order to thoroughly resolve the 3 biggest environmental problems, the following are top on our priority list of to-dos.

  • (1)The reduction of resource consumed per person
  • (2)The relieving of World's Poverty Problem

'factor 4' has been introduced as an ideology to achieve the goals above.

'factor 4' refers to the 'Doubling of Wealth while Halving Resource Use'. At such, productivity is enhanced by 4 times and this contributes to resolving of the poverty problem while striking a balance between human and environmental survival in the long term.

In other words, we are able to strike a balance between the environment and us if we were not to increase productivity by at least 4 times.

Matsui Mfg agree deeply with 'factor 4 ? Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use' and has hence, made it our corporate goal 'To achieve factor 4 in molding factories by 2020'.

In order to eliminate 'Wastage of Energy', 'Wastage of Resins' and 'Wastage of Water', Matsui is not only involved in R&D of more efficient machineries but also diagnosis of molding factories to propose an order-made proposal to thoroughly eliminate wastage.

At the same time, in order to 'Increase Productivity by 2 times', we would also like to introduce our users to new technologies that contributes in the shortening of molding cycle and time required to change mold and material.

It would be our honor to contribute to the well being of our environment and our users through our work.

In addition, as a step towards the achieving of 'factor 4 in molding factories', we have put together our proposed machineries and gadgets into our 'factor 4 model line' in our Osaka Factory. Although our model line have yet to achieve 'factor 4' completely, it is available for visiting anytime. Please kindly contact your nearest Matsui Office for more information.

Factor 4 Molding Model Line

Thank you for reading this column for the past 1.5 years. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this column, please kindly access to the link below. Thank you.

02 Dec 2009 Hironobu Matsui

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