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TOP > Products > Temperature Controller > MCM-SC

Mold Temperature Controller


  • Patented/ patent pending

MCM-SC is the mold temperature controller for compact optical molding which realized stable temperature control and high safety.
The ±0.1-0.3°C temperature have supported Max. 145°C fresh water can be controlled.

High accuracy temperature controller and operation.
Monitors temperature with 0.1°C resolution. Temperature Contoller with less than ±0.5°C resolution Attains 0.25sec of sampling cycle. New control algorithm to reduce transient overshoot.
Machine maintenance made easier.
The interior lay-out with a view to set into the molding machine
Almost pipe-less by utilizing manifold-block
Prevents water leak throughly
Heater Control with SSR (non-contact relay)
Operational temperature range max145°C(MCM-601S)
Utilizes non-seal pump
The original interior structure corresponds to high temperature.
Allows flow performance.
Rack (Options)
About 50% Floor Space Saving.
(W:500mm x L:710mm = 0.36m2)
can choose the set-up location freely.
Prevent falling down from flanges and fixed by anchor bolt.
Each Unit is fixed on Frame from bottom side with bolts.

For further details, please download the PDF here.