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Recruting Infomation

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Recruiting Data (in the case of Japan)

The information in this page is for Japan only.
The details for other countries will vary.
Job type
Mechanical design, Electric design, Product R&D, Sales
Relevant subjects
Machinery, Electricity
Starting pay
University graduate 204,000yen
Transport, Family, housing allowance
Once a year (April)
Twice a year (Jun, Dec)
Work location
All around Japan
15 locations in Japan, 33 locations in 13 other nations.
Working hours
117 days of holiday per year, two days off every week (Sat, Sun, PH), Summer vacation,
End/Start of year vacation, Yearly annual leave
Public welfare
Insurance, Pension, Language training, Oversea training
Resort hotel limited to members
Application method
Recommendation from school or self-application
We are accepting application of the entering a company grad hiring of 2016.
Please contact us at recruit@matsui.net
Selection method
Paper test, Interview, Composition
Applicants are to send email with your Name, School, Department and Mobile phone number to the email address above.
Resume, Graduation certificate, Grades certificate, Health certificate.