JET SELECTOR Proportioning Valve JSV

Switching valve type for recycling only

Stable supply of extremely small amount of powder and powder with poor fluidity.

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Features of JSV

1. Full Capacity
Different types of materials such as virgin materials and Regrind material are proportionally Blend in one unit, connected to an Pneumatic conveyor, and Conveying (switching timer is up to 20 seconds).

2. Reliable control
The control uses an electronic circuit method, so it is stable for a long time.

3. Easy-to-understand Indication
Since the graphic panel Indication is adopted, the operating state can be understood at a glance.

4. The placement space is minimal.
Since it is compact and rationalized, it can be attached to a pole or the like and placed anywhere, saving valuable space. Also, cleaning is Emergency easy.

* Measuring Capacity, Measurement accuracy, and processing Capacity may vary depending on the target material and are for reference only.

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