Water-Water cooling Chiller Inverter control MCC5-i

The Chiller (chiller) MCC5-i is equipped with intelligent functions, continuously monitors the usage status, and is automatically controlled to the most energy-saving and resource-saving operation mode. By controlling the equipment according to the usage conditions such as full production, small quantity production, and temporary Stopping, it is possible to realize significant energy saving and resource saving compared to the conventional machine.

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1. Energy saving 57% Power saving realized
(At 50% load compared to general-purpose machines) By adopting compressor inverter control, energy saving at low load has been realized. In addition, by adopting an electronic expansion valve, it is possible to demonstrate the maximum cooling Capacity under all operating conditions and realize energy saving even at 100% load.

2. Visualization of energy saving
Equipped with controller with energy saving indicator.

3. Expand the Medium operating temperature range
Expanded Medium operating temperature range: 5 to 35 ° C

4. Matsui's original hot gas bypass control
Inverter control is performed up to 30Hz, and energy-saving operation and high-precision operation can be selected when using at frequencies lower than that.

5. Stable performance
By adopting a double tube type condenser, it is more resistant to dirt on the cooling water.

6. Multi-functional
External communication function, external activation, alarm output, and alarm buzzer are also standard equipment.

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