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Dealing with Intellectual Property

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MATSUI Management Policy on Intellectual Property

MATSUI provides its customers with value-added products protected by intellectual property rights. Through these products, MATSUI contributes to the prosperity of its customers and the development of the plastics industry.
With compliance as a foundation, MATSUI conducts business with a keen awareness of our corporate social responsibilities.

  • We produce high-value-added products protected by intellectual property rights.
  • MATSUI regards these intellectual property rights as a vital management resource. We recognize that, if we are not completely clear about our possession of these intellectual property rights, we will be unable to earn the trust of our customers.
  • To utilize limited resources as effectively as possible, we maintain a wide variety of intellectual properties.

Overview of Activities

  • 1. To establish and utilize its intellectual property rights, MATSUI conducts regular in-house training sessions on intellectual property, to increase employees' level of understanding.
  • 2. We encourage employees to become actively involved in intellectual property through a system of remuneration for those who invent something on the job.
  • 3. The Company takes the following actions to ensure widely varied intellectual property management.
    • (1) Patents related to strategic products are examined early.
    • (2) Registered patents that are expected to become unnecessary to MATSUI are actively discarded.
    • (3) MATSUI makes use of its own patents.
  • 4. An intellectual-property management system is applied to support and manage acquired rights in an effective manner.
    • (1) An Intellectual Property Evaluation Committee assesses intellectual property from a global perspective, in collaboration with overseas locations.
    • (2) We operate a Trademark Committee.
  • 5. To prevent the violation of other companies' rights, explanations are provided regularly regarding how to use the database of advanced technologies.
  • 6. MATSUI raises employee awareness of intellectual property, to foster a workplace culture that both asserts the Company's rights and respects the rights of other companies.