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TOP > factor 4 solutions > 2. Getting Rid of Material Waste


  2.  Getting Rid of Material Waste

2-1. Do you regularly waste blended “left over”in the blender in changing products?

Reduce 99% of this material waste with Matsui’s intelligent blending system!
⇒ Gravimetric-Type Blender [ JCW2-i ]

2-2. Are you restraining recycle of ranners in reason of contamination?

Matsui’s low-speed granulator is designed to eliminate this loss.
⇒ Non-Contamination Granulator [ MGL2(Non-Contamination Spec)]

2-3. Are you accumulating runners molded from expensive resins in your warehouse?

Stop this wasteful practice by recycling these materials!
⇒ Non-Contamination Granulator [ Raptor22 / SPIRALLOGIC ]

2-4. Can you trace and verify resin use from raw material to molded product?

Traceability and verification are possible with Matsuis management system!
⇒ Traceability System [ System + JCW2-i ]

solution sheet↓You can download this sheet (pdf).

Solution products

  • Gravimetric-Type Blender