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TOP > factor 4 solutions > 3. Lowerring Cycle Times


  3.  Lowering Cycle Times

3-1. Do you have a problem with stringiness?

Prevent stringiness by using adiabatic sprue bush. Helps to stabilize nozzle temperature and quality.
⇒ Adiabatic Sprue Bush [ ZiRKON / SPIRALLOGIC ]

3-2. Are you waiting until sprue is solidified?

Conformal Cooling Sprue Bush!
⇒ Conformal Cooling Sprue Bush [ OPM Laboratory Co.,Ltd. ]

3-3. If some scale stacked, then the cooling effect is reduced by half.

There is no problem in the mold temperature control machine of air-cooled!
⇒ Air Cooled Type Mold Temperature Controller [ MIC & MIC-25 ] (Inlet cooler)

3-4. Do you set a high mold temperature In order to prevent dew condensation?

Realize high cycle molding by reduce moisture level around the mold!
⇒ Mold Dehumidifier Unit [ MPD ]

3-5. Why do not you choose a hot runner?

Cycle time and resin loss is reduced by using Hot Runner!
⇒ HOT RUNNER [ Altanium (controler) / HUSKY ]

solution sheet↓You can download this sheet (pdf).

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