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factor 4 solutions

TOP > factor 4 solutions > Productivity UP / 3. Reduction in cycle time

Productivity UP


Reduction in cycle time

Solution Item image
3-1. Do you have a problem with stringiness?
Prevent stringiness by using adiabatic sprue bush. Helps to stabilize nozzle temperature and quality.
PDF icon Adiabatic Sprue Bush
Solution Item image
3-2. Are you waiting until sprue is solidified?
Stop waiting! Use sprue bush with 3D cooling water tube inserts.
PDF icon Conformal Cooling Sprue Bush
Solution Item image
3-3. The cooling effect will be reduced by half due to scale deposits.
There are none of these problems with air cooled mold temperature controllers!
PDF icon Air Cooled Type Mold Temperature Controller
Solution Item image
3-4. Do you set a higher mold temperature in order to prevent dew condensation?
Achieve high cycle time !
PDF icon Mold Dehumidifier Unit
Solution Item image
3-5. Why do not you choose a hot runner?
Cycle times and resin waste are improved using a hot-runner instead of sprue runner!
PDF icon Hot Runner
Solution Item image
3-6. Do you find your mold and cooling water pipe inserts optimal?
Improve your productivity by introducing the uniform cooling method with 3D cooling water tube inserts.
PDF icon Mold inserts by metal 3D printer
Solution Item image
3-7. Cannot achieve good quality with the initial molding cycle time of the 3D water pipe mold introduction?
Cleaning of the water pipe is needed!
PDF icon 3D Water Pipe Cleaning Machine
Solution Item image
3-8. How can molded water pipes be designed effectively?
Verify the effectiveness before actual molding!
PDF icon Resin Flow Analysis Service