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factor 4 solutions

TOP > factor 4 solutions > Productivity UP / 7. Eliminate contamination

Productivity UP


Eliminate contamination

Solution Item image
7-1. Material tank is first contaminant mixing source.
Use an exclusive tank with the specifications for clean storage.
PDF icon Clean Specification Resin BinThere
Solution Item image
7-2. Inside of dryer can contain foreign material contamination!
Use a dryer for the optical application molding to eliminate contaminants.
PDF icon Dehumidifying Dryer for Optics
Solution Item image
7-3. The fines and dust from materials are the cause of contamination, aren't they?
Remove fines and dust through an air- bath during conveyance.
PDF icon Aero Power Hopper
Solution Item image
7-4. Preventing metallic contaminants from getting in the material flow is critical.
Will catch all metallic foreign material from the resin!
PDF icon Metal Detector
Solution Item image
7-5. Dry air is a factor that carries foreign material to resin.
Minimize this risk by using a thermal conduction vacuum dryer!
PDF icon Thermal Conduction Vacuum Dryer
Solution Item image
7-6. Metal contamination in granulator is bad.
Catch iron foreign material at sprue feed hopper!
PDF icon Tetsu Pita (Magnetic Sheet)
Solution Item image
7-7. Dry air is a factor that carries foreign material to resin.
Minimize this risk by switching to a thermal conduction vacuum dryer.
PDF icon Thermal Conducting Dryer
Solution Item image
7-8. Foreign material fills in open air.
Remove foreign material from the air with high-performance filter!
PDF icon HEPA Filter / Nozzle With Filter
Solution Item image
7-9. Resin ConveyingMinimize foreign material risk.
Reduce foreign material risk by using pellet protection pipe!
PDF icon T-Type Feed Pipe During
Solution Item image
7-10. Convey pipe of wiry material easily wears out!
Reduce foreign material risk by surface hardening processing!
PDF icon Abrasion Resistant Plumbing(Kanuc Processing)
Solution Item image
7-11. Preventing metallic contaminants from getting in the material flow.
Remove iron metal contamination material that can adhere to the resin.
PDF icon Magic Catch
Solution Item image
7-12. Static electricity can lead to contamination by foreign objects.
Prevent static electricity from being generated in the entire space!
PDF icon Dry Fog Humidifier
Solution Item image
7-13. Eliminate static electricity from the entire space to the back side of the product without any wind flow.
PDF icon Line of electric force static eliminator
Solution Item image
7-14. Prevents bubbling, white spots, burns, black spots and weight variations when using molding with high-powder content resin or crushed recycled material.
PDF icon In-line Powder Remover
Solution Item image
7-15. Remove the powder dust that adheres to the resin materials immediately before molding to prevent contamination.
Effective for grinding stock material recycling as well!
PDF icon Blasting Dust Remover
Solution Item image
7-16. Too expensive to build a clean room to cover the entire work environment?
Matsui offers appropriate clean environments for required location at an affordable price!
PDF icon Clean Booth
Solution Item image
7-17. Static electricity generated during material transportation causing contamination?
Achieve stable production with an anti-static measure!
PDF icon Static Eliminator (Dedicated for Pneumatic Transportation)
Solution Item image
7-18. In addition to foreign materials in the molded items, the inside of the molded item can be inspected for voids and weld conditions as well as formed state.
PDF icon Industrial X-Ray CT