Product nameThermal Conduction DryerPMD

Patented / patent pending

PMD is an energy saving thermal conduction dryer targeted at volume of material usage less than 1 kg/h. Reduces exhaust gas and heat.

1.Environment Friendly

Conduction and thermal conduction drying reduces the release of exhaust gas. In addition, the dual type hopper reduces the release of exhaust heat. These contribute to a cleaner factory environment.

2.Energy Saving

Consumption of energy is about half of that of a regular dryer by using conducting and thermal conduction dryer and air purge.

3.Easy Maintenance

The retractable hopper and the removable fin that supports smooth conveyance of materials allows easy cleaning and hence, makes the replacement of materials easier.

4.Compact size

With built-in heater in the hopper, PMD’s outer dimensions stands as (W332×D280×H576(741) mm) and its weight as 15(20) kg.
※ Number in ( ) refers to that of PMD-3.0.

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