Solutions for molding factories

Realize factor 4 in molding factories

We deeply agree with the idea of factor 4 to double wealth and halve resource use. We hope to fulfill the following mission in molding factories with our customers.

By cutting the costs of materials, water, and energy necessary for plastic molding in half, and by increasing production volume and improving the added value of products, we will double the wealth of companies. These efforts will lead to the enrichment of this earth. MATSUI proposes specific solutions for this purpose.

See, touch, and experience
factor4 tech-studios

An experience full of surprises and discoveries that gathers what everyone involved in plastic molding really wants to know, such as the attractiveness of products that can not be conveyed only by catalogs and Specifications the actual effect when introducing solutions, waste hidden in molding sites, etc. It is an experience-based facility for the next generation that will continue to provide.

We offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs

What is necessary to eliminate molding defects is not limited to just introducing large scale equipment. We introduce various solution items categorized by theme.