Environmental Policy

We are promoting ISO14001 and green procurement for environmental activities.

We are for the irreplaceable nature and future generations.

We will work on environmental conservation activities based on the following four items.

  1. We consider the environment for the entire life cycle of all the products we handle, and aim to be an environmentally coexisting company that is trusted by the local community and society.
  2. We will focus on environmental protection and make the following continuous improvements.
    • Prevention of environmental pollution
    • b. Energy saving
    • c. Resource saving
  3. We will comply with relevant legal requirements and Other requirements that we agree with, and strive to protect the environment.

April 20, 2005 MATSUI MFG. CO., LTD., Ltd.

This Environmental Policy will be thoroughly disseminated to all people who work at or for our company through education, and will be disclosed to society through public relations activities.

Click here for our "Asbestos Information (PDF)"