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Do you see the energy saving effect?

You can measure and manage the energy (power consumption) of production equipment in factory. Ideal for environmental efforts by reducing CO2 and for acquiring ISO14000!

  1. Since the power consumption and comparison with the previous year are displayed, it can also be used as a support for creating regular reports on energy consumption according to the Energy Conservation Law.
  2. Posted the display function of the time zone (monthly peak value) with the highest amount of power consumption in March and the demand (reference value) display function.
  3. If you exceed the set target, you will be News by the color of the lamp.
  4. Since communication is wireless (extra-small wireless), no new wiring work is required.
  5. Data can be saved.
  6. Easy to attach and detach due to measurement by clamp CT.
  7. If you install an optional repeater (up to 3 units), you can see it in the office.

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