Gravimetric Blender JCGB2

JCGB2 can be mounted directly on the molding machine, so there is no re-segregation of materials during secondary transportation.

- No material separation during transportation - High Measurement accuracy- Excellent maintainability


Features of JCGB2

  • No material separation during transportation
  • High Measurement accuracy
  • Excellent maintainability

The JCGB2 is capable of measuring out small amounts of less than 15g, which is convenient when adding trace amounts of Master batch or additives, and is a compounding device suited to producing ideal, uniform, high-quality molding.

The mixing ratio correction function adjusts the supply amount (target value) of each material, so that more material than necessary is not supplied, resulting in economical and high-quality molding.

The mixed material can be fed to injection molding machines or extruders, providing customers with benefits such as improved production efficiency, ease of use, and resource conservation.

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