Jet loader (Vacuum Air Loader) JL4

The vacuum air loader JL4 feeds material automatically. Adequate collection units can be chosen for the conveyance to each receiver. In addition, JL4 supports 2 to 6 different conveying directions.

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Features of JL4

1. Compact
Makes the best use of limited space in factories.
More compact, cleaner, and more efficient.

2. With cleaning News counter
By setting the number of transports, the lamp News you when to clean the filter, so you don't have to worry about clogging.

3. Large dust box
Dust discharge is easy.
Discharging dust simply by removing the cap (V type).
Less maintenance further increases productivity.

4. Achieving low noise
It cuts harsh metal sounds and transport sounds to a minimum. (noise less than 80db).
5.Features of the Cyclone dust collector
The Cyclone separator can collect dust intensively, reducing the frequency of cleaning and eliminating clogging of the filter.
Even Regrind material can be transported stably for a long period of time without lowering capacity.

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