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High-performance compact canaon MCM-SC

High-performance compact Kanaon MCM-SC is a compact Mold Temperature Controller for optical molding that realizes stable temperature control and high tax system. It corresponds to Max 145 ℃ with Clean water and adjusts the temperature from ± 0.1 to 0.3 ℃.

  1. Outstanding temperature control accuracy and operability
    Indication resolution 0.1 ° C. By adopting a new algorithm, control with less Chute.
  2. More maintenance-free
    Inside layout aiming at built-in molding machine. Almost no piping due to the adoption of the manifold block. Thorough measures against water leaks. SSR (contactless relay) is used for the heater control circuit.
  3. Supports MAX 145 ℃ with Clean water water
    Uses a non-seal pump. Supports high temperatures due to its unique Inside Construction. Achieves high pressure and large flow rate performance.
  4. Vertical rack for MCM (optional)
    The installation floor area is about 1/2 (W: 500mm x L: 710mm = 0.36㎡). The installation location will be more free than ever. With anchor bolt fixing flange for store prevention. Each temperature control unit is bolted to the Cradle from the bottom.

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