Compressed Air Loader PLP

Pellet liner

The pellet liner PLP is a compressed air loader that conveys via small-diameter pipes. Piping is highly flexible and does not take up space. Multi-directional transport is possible, making it suitable for high-variety, low-volume production.

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Features of Compressed Air Loader "PLP"

1. Reliability

No worries about moisture absorption because the product is conveyed in batches (30g to 100g) to the molding machine.

2. Compact

A tube with an inside diameter of 13 mm is used to convey pellets with compressed air.

Ideal for molding factories

If we can eliminate pipes and hoses from factories, the image of factories will be upgraded at once. Of course, it's not easy. However, even if the piping cannot be eliminated totally, pellets can be conveyed by air using tubes or thin piping.

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