Low -speed Granulator SMGL-300J

The Low -speed Granulator SMGL is a long-selling Low -speed Granulator. The screenless structure suppresses the generation of powder and maintains a uniform particle size with little miscutting.

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1. Low price
It is a standard model that pursues cost performance.

2. Improved reliability
・By adopting a double bearing system that does not apply an excessive load, the service life of the bearing is extended and difficult gap adjustment is eliminated, making it easy for customers to replace each blade and bearing.
・By adopting a torque arm with a built-in anti-vibration mechanism, the bearing and Reduction gear are protected and have a longer life (1.5 to 2 times compared to our company).

3. Improved maintainability
-A viewing window is standard equipment so that the Grind state can be visually observed.
-The dust wiper with a reverse screw mechanism prevents fine powder from entering the bearing. You can also Manual operation purge the air.

4. Safety, factory environment
・Two limit switches are equipped as standard on the opening/closing part of the injection hopper.
・Equipped with a motor breaker as standard for overload protection.
・A damping steel plate is used for the input hopper to reduce noise.

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