Pneumatic Conveyor ST

ST is a pneumatic conveyor that aims to attain high operability and miniaturization as a result of pursuing optimal balance for the powder grain conveyance. Facilities such as bag filters and exhaust ducts are unnecessary.

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Features of ST

The transport source has a simple structure.
Low-speed transportation with less crushing of materials is possible.
High-concentration transportation is possible because Air flow rate is small and the pressure difference is used for transportation.
Unlike the high-concentration pumping type, the transportation capacity increases as it approaches Suction Hopper side, so unstable transportation such as clogging near the hopper can be prevented.
Suction Hopper has a smart cylindrical structure and a large-diameter discharge gate mechanism that prevents bridging even with materials with poor fluidity.
The hopper does not require a heat-resistant structure and has a compact weighing design.

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