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The factor 4 tech-studios renewal open!

April 1, 2020, the factor 4 tech-studios has been reborn!!

What is factor4 tech-studios?

Double the richness and half the resource consumption!

MATSUI promotes "Achieve 'factor 4' in molding factories" so we offer products propose solutions to help customers reach this goal.
We have focused on [ Resource Reduction ], [ Increasing Output ] and [ Enhancing Value ], as methods for reaching 4-times current resource productivity. By raising output while reducing the consumption of raw materials, water and energy, factor 4 is truly achievable. These are the basic tenets of MATSUI's plan. As a first step towards this goal, we've opened the "factor 4 tech-studios" in july 2016. And we've renewal opened the "factor 4 tech-studios" in April 2020. It offers a next generation interactive experience that will provide be full of discoveries and surprises.

he factor 4 tech-studios are open at all times.

If you are interested or wishing, please refer to the virtual tour course first.

If you'd like visit please contact Matsui’s nearest Sales office for an appointment.

NOTE: There may be times when the studios are temporarily closed, so please contact us in advance.

Virtual tour

You can see the inside of the studio before you actually visit.

Please contact our Solution Promotion Department for specific details regarding the exhibition.



Virtual tour


studio1 introduces various solutions by providing five areas of molding demonstration area, consumption resource CUT area,
productivity improvement area, added value improvement area, and easy solution that can be easily and inexpensively introduced.
We also have a corner of the convenience store "Plascom" at the molding site and a cafe space.


studio2 mainly introduces various solutions for solving problems due to water quality and the cooling system around the mold and equipment. In
addition, the seminar room is equipped with a hanging projector and large screen so that you can comfortably attend the seminar.


studio3 has become an area that can meet various requests from customers by gathering test environments that were previously dispersed on the premises.

Access Map

〒573-1132 2-19, Shodai-Tadika Hirakata-City Osaka


case 1.
15 minutes by bus from 'Kuzuha station' of Keihan Line
get on bus at "Kuzuha station" 4A stop
  -> Near to the 'Kigyoudanchi-chuou Station' stop.

case 2.
10~15 minutes by TAXI from 'Kuzuha station'.
Please tell a TAXI driver where you are going to "Matsui Seisaku sho" or "Kigyou danchi chuo".

■ Rollsign
92 枚方カントリー口 (Hirakata Country kuchi)
93 枚方カントリー (Hirakata Country)
94 長尾駅 (Nagao Station)
95 藤坂ハイツ (Fujiwara Heights)

■'Kuzuha station' bus stop infomation website

■'Kuzuha station' bus schedule

case 3.
10~15 minutes by TAXI from 'Nagao station'.

case 4.
20 minutes by bus from 'Nagao station' get on bus at "(1) Eki mae hiroba (Station square)" bus stop.

■ Rollsign
22、92、93、94 樟葉駅 (Kuzuha Station)

■'Nagao station' bus stop infomation website

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