Gravimetric Blender (Loss in weight type) JCS

JCS is a Subtraction mass Synchronized operations Mixing system that can be used as a "loss-in device" or "batch Blend device" that can be Blend without the use of a Mixing drum and can be recorded as Measuring data.

Features of JCS

  1. Quality improvement
    Since a Mixing drum is not required, the Mixing materials do not separate due to the difference in specific gravity or static electricity, and the properties of the materials do not change due to frictional heat. By setting the mass of one batch to the mass of one-shot product of the molding machine, the Blend accuracy is significantly improved. (1 shot approach)
  2. compact
    Since the Feed hopper and the Measuring hopper are integrated and there is no Mixing part, the height can be kept low.
  3. reliability
    The ratio of the Measuring data of each material becomes the Mixing performance data, and the relationship between the product quality and the material Blend can be followed up.

* Measuring Capacity, Measurement accuracy, and processing Capacity may vary depending on the target material and are for reference only.

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