Gravimetric Blender with intelligence function JCW2-i

Equipped with self-control function iplas!

The Gravimetric Blender JCW2-i is equipped with the self-control function iplas developed by Matsui, which continuously monitors the usage status of customers and automatically controls to the most energy-saving and resource-saving operation mode. By controlling the equipment according to the usage conditions such as full production, small quantity production, and temporary stop, it is possible to realize significant energy saving and resource saving compared to the conventional machine.

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  • Supply optimization software and end warning signal reduce resin waste to about 99%.
  • With an installation area that is about half that of conventional machines, a maximum Blend Capacity of 145 kg / h is secured.
  • Anyone can easily operate it with the interactive setting.
  • Automatic detection & Automatic operation of the optimum Measuring conditions for each material.
  • All remaining material can be discharged from the bottom of the hopper.
  • Both the hopper and screw are detachable, realizing high cleaning efficiency.

Interactive controller
It can be calculated and expressed in units of 0.1 g.

It features a human-friendly operability that can be operated by anyone interactively.

High functionality
The Blend device is automatically controlled so that it can always perform well. Even if the materials used change, the equipment automatically finds and operates the optimum calculation conditions that match the characteristics of the new materials.

easy maintenance
The remaining material can be completely discharged from the hopper, and the adhering powder can be discharged from top to bottom.

The Measuring hopper and screw of the main unit can be easily removed and cleaned.

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