Mold Temperature Controller(High temperature type)MC5-HH

MC5 high temperature specification Mold Temperature Controller. Covers up to 180 ° C.

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Features of MC5-HH

Pressurization pressure automatic adjustment

Stable operation is possible with automatic pressure adjustment according to the medium temperature.

Adoption of new pressure pump

Adoption of a new pressurizing pump realizes energy saving and downsizing of equipment by operating as needed.

Indirect cooling

A structure that separates cooling water and circulating water reduces the impact of water quality and reduces the impact of scale and impurities on molds.

All-stainless-steel medium transfer piping

Durability, safety, and water quality resistance are improved by using all stainless steel for the medium supply and return piping.

Abnormal water supply pressure

The water supply pressurization type limits the maximum temperature depending on the water supply pressure.It is possible to stop the equipment and protect it by detecting an abnormality in the water supply pressure.

Maintenance preeminent

Targeting users who demand a high level among the world's No. 1 models, we have also considered safety by installing a disconnect switch as standard equipment.

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