Heat & Cool RHCM

Molding technologies called high-speed heat cycle molding (RHCM) and Heat & Cool molding are attracting attention from many industries as epoch-making manufacturing methods that have made it possible to solve various problems of resin molding, solve environmental problems, and improve productivity. It has been widely adopted. The controller used for that.


Types of Heat & Cool molding that can be provided

Pressurized hot water type (~160℃)

Ideal for small molded products (up to 200 tons).

Steam type (~180℃)

It can be used for various molded products.

Oil medium type (~300℃)

Best suited for high temperature molded products.

Advantages of Heat & Cool molding

Weldless & surface gloss

Post-processes such as polishing and painting are unnecessary!

Improving transferability

Fine patterns and textures can be reproduced as desired!

Glass and carbon fiber are not exposed on the surface

Resin with filler can also be used for appearance products!

Improve liquidity

Weight reduction is possible by making the molded product thinner!

Cycle shortening due to rapid temperature rise and old cooling

Reduce cycle time for thick molded products!

Acceptance/rejection confirmation by mold temperature monitoring

Abandoned shots are minimized!

Adoption of new 3-way control valve

  • Manifold In Out 12 directions are installed as standard.
  • The manifold and control valve are integrated.
  • The manifold unit can be installed separately (optional), which improves the freedom of layout and does not affect the heating cycle even when installed separately.
  • The steam is supplied directly to the manifold, so it heats the mold with high efficiency.

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