Suction Pressure Sensor Unit DP

A new system sending the signals converted from the signal generated by detecting the changes in vacuum pressure.

DP detects the suction pressure generated for conveyance and controls the volumetric feeding of raw materials. Thus making it possible to convey materials without any wiring of a signal line. If you attach DIGI-PECA, materials of a fixed quantity can be conveyed without any signal cables even when it is distanced 40-50m away from the dryer (There is no need for electrical wiring). Upon using a different model, the same system can be continually used by replacing the hoses. A system that uses existing standard loaders can be constructed.

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Equipment from other manufacturers will also be systematized.

No electrical work is necessary even if plants are located in distant places.

Basic operation

  1. The level gauge on the injection-molding machines gives the signal for a need of materials.
  2. The transport device blower next to the molding machine starts.
  3. The conveying pipe is depressurized.
  4. A pressure sensor (DP-S) on the material side detects constant pressure.
  5. The DIGI-PECA controller (DP-C2) issues a control signal, and receives a signal output from the controller to operate the clipping device.

Note 1) There are two types of output, time and number of times. Select either one.
Note 2) DIGI-PECA can also change the output by the length of the start-up time of the Conveying blower.

Line up