Water-Water cooling Chiller MCC5

The MCC5 mold chiller achieves stable flow and temperature accuracy of ±1°C with its large tank, large-flow high-pressure pump, and capacity control. The double-tube condenser is resistant to cooling water contamination and has a cleaning nozzle for easy cleaning, significantly reducing maintenance compared to conventional machines.

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・Temperature accuracy of ±1°C is achieved by adopting capacity control.
・Improved temperature stability by adopting a large tank.

high performance

・By adopting a large flow rate and high pressure pump, a stable flow rate is possible even for mold cooling with a complicated structure.
・The operating temperature range has been expanded to 5°C to 30°C, making it possible to handle a wider range of environments.
・The Control Panel uses flat keys. Temperature display is 0.1°C (step).

Environmental measures



・Equipped with external startup, alarm output, and alarm buzzer as standard. Eight alarm contents are Character indication.

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