Air cooled Chiller (chiller) MCCA3 / MCCA3-N

The Air cooled Chiller MCCA3 puts the medium into the water tank inside the chiller and circulates it in a sealed manner, preventing impurities from accumulating and protecting the object to be temperature-controlled (mold, etc.) from problems caused by water quality. Moreover, because Air cooled, there is no need to worry about scale adhesion to the heat exchanger.

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  • The heat Replacement is maintenance-free because there is no need to connect the cooling water on the Primary.
  • The adoption of compressor inverter control realizes energy saving during low load periods.
  • Uses a hermetic compressor to make it smaller and more compact
  • By adopting a large flow rate high pressure pump, a stable flow rate is secured even when cooling a mold with a complicated Construction.


Adopting a large flow rate and high pressure pump enables a stable flow rate even for mold cooling with a complicated structure.
enabled. Control Panel uses flat keys. Temperature display is 0.1℃ (step)

Energy saving

By adopting compressor inverter control, we have achieved energy saving at low load.


Adoption of compressor inverter control

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