Low-speed Granulator(Easy Cleaning Type) SMGL3-G3

New model for more user-friendly operation!           G1: Cost-effective and easy-to-clean model   G3: High value added model

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  1. Easy to clean while still set in the molding machine!
    The cleaning part slides and can be cleaned from the front (can be cleaned while set in the molding machine)
  2. Minimum maintenance space (compared to the old model)
    Approximately 40% compared to the old model
  3. Blades can be used on both sides
    Both sides of the guide plate, crashing fixed blade and scraper are usable!
  4. Improved usability
    A 360-degree connection to the Receiver is possible. The bottom tank is also easy to put on and take off!
  5. Pursuing sharpness
    Newly designed cutter ensures stable granulating and reduces granulation load.

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