Product nameAir Cooled Closed Circuit Water Cooling Systemecobrid

Air-cooled closed circuit water cooling system, ecobrid supplied by Matsui is high functionality, cost efficient and environmental friendly.

1.Energy saving

Saves energy by optimizing the operation of the system. The DC Brushless Motor drives the die-cast aluminium axial fans. This saves more than 30% of energy consumed as compared to the regular system. The aluminium made fans are more durable and does not require maintenance. In addition, noise level during operation is being controlled under 57db.

2.Easy maintenance

An air-cooling system that uses the cooling fan to cool the air. When external temperature exceeds 30C, the cooling fan will operate at full speed to atomize the external water into the adiabatic chamber. Hence, water will not be in direct contact with the heat exchanger. Water in the system is being drained out automatically without using valves. This prevents freezing and cracking of pipes during resting periods of the factory when external temperature falls below 0C. This system can be used even in lines that propylene glycol cannot be used.


Uses the latest Micro Processor. Constant supervision of the operating condition is made possible with the backlight function. Upon occurrence of error, the cause and solution will be displayed as the warning signal. This allows a smooth resolution of problem. Sensors have been set to monitor the temperature and pressure, which are necessary for data collection. Thus, the management of the production line is also made possible.

4.Uuifying of units

Control panel, tank, valve and other units are being unified into this single unit. This saves space and allows speedy operation. High level of durability of the pump unit and cooling tank is made possible with stainless steel.

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