Feed Throat Temperature Controller for Molding Machine (Air Cooled Type) MIC

Molding machine material mouth cooler Inlet cooler MIC is an Air cooled Feed throat temperature controller for molding machine that aims to stabilize material biting and molding quality even if there is no temporary cooling water equipment. By putting the control Medium into the tank Inside the device and circulating it in a Closed manner, impurities are not concentrated, and the temperature-controlled object such as the mold insert is protected from troubles due to water quality, and stable molding is always performed at the optimum cycle time. make it possible.

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  • Since it is an indirect cooling system with a tank, a control Medium can be used, preventing rusting and scale adhesion in water pipes.
  • The heat Replacement is maintenance-free because there is no need to connect the cooling water on the Primary.
  • Although it is Air cooled, the mechanism is simple and compact. It is easy to set on the molding machine.
  • The circulation type allows the use of rust preventives, and is particularly effective in preventing rust from cooling the material mouth, which is a narrow cooling path.
  • By adopting a can pump, there is no need to worry about water leakage. Also, I don't mind the pump noise.
  • By stabilizing the temperature of the material mouth of the molding machine, the material bites in better and the molding quality becomes stable. In precision molding, the material opening temperature affects the Measurement accuracy of the material. Materials include PA and LCP.

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