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Dehumidifying Dryer


A Dryer with intelligence is now offered by Matsui. Adaptive controls eliminate wasted energy.
Drying and Regeneration airflow rates are automatically adjusted according to the demand from the molding process.
This dryer realizes ultimate energy savings by adjusting to the needs of the molder.

◆ feature

  • Airflow rates precisely controlled through inverter valves.
  • The highly efficient system monitors exhaust temperatures, then adjusts airflow rates accordingly. Electrical demand is reduced from the dryer and the plant air-conditioner.
  • Clean out times are now shorter because of the large hopper access door.
  • Filter maintenance is lessened because of the standard Dust Collection Cyclone
  • Settings & operation with the new touch panel reduce the need for a machine manual.
 * Please ontact your Matsui Dealer to confirm availability.

詳細情報はこちら [PDF]